Britain’s Problem Pets – Does Your Dog Have Behavioural Issues

Britain’s Problem Pets

Dogs are among Britain’s Problem Pets, despite most definitely being man’s best friend.  They are man’s most loyal and dedicated companion and man’s most versatile helper. Dogs can be trained as sheepdogs, show dogs, sniffer dogs, attack dogs, rescue dogs and special assistance dogs, performing the most extraordinary tasks that are way beyond the ability of humans. Yet, other dogs, kept as beloved household pets can be disobedient, destructive and dangerous. Is it the dogs fault or are humans failing to understand and cater to their needs?

A new TV programme made by the makers of the BAFTA winning Gogglebox and the Great Interior Design Challenge are making a programme looking at ‘Britain’s Problem Pets’. They’re not confining their programme to dogs but also cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and a wide variety of other household pets. The programme will provide expert help to families that need it.

If you have a pet with behaviour issues and want an expert to help you restore peace and tranquility to your home, contact the programme makers via the contact details below.

Dog Training and Behaviour Flyer

Packleaders’ dog walkers in Stevenage know only too well how many dogs have small issues and we have to take each dog’s needs into account when walking them as a group.  In some cases, the issues seem small but when the female head of the house falls pregnant, issues such as pulling on the lead and poor recall become major issues, as does food aggression.  From our experience, it does seem that the cuter the dog, the less rules, boundaries and limitations the owner applies.  Some owners let their dogs get away with far more than they let the kids get away with, and they end up with beautifully brought up children and a spoilt dog!  Still, better that way round than the other.

Many dog-lovers now take in rescue dogs and many of the rescue dogs come in from overseas and have been badly treated.  As part of our housesitting and petsitting business, we are often asked to look after pets that have had a bad start in life and come with behavioural issues.  For the most part, I like to feel we have enough expertise and patience to help them along the road to becoming well-balanced members of the family.  However, those with dogs who have these issues might think it worth trying to get some expert help.  Who knows, you or your pet might become famous!!!

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