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Gunner off lead dog walking at the beach

Which is Best for Dogs, Off-lead or On-Lead?

Dog Walking Off-Lead is Healthier for Dogs. An increasing number of local authorities are bringing in restrictions on dogs being walked off-lead in public parks or on beaches. Leaving aside the unfortunate propensity of councils to over-react to incidents and introduce ‘knee-jerk’ legislation, a lot of the blame can be […]

Maintaining A Dog’s Mental Well-Being

Dog Walks should be physically strenuous and mentally stimulating. Whilst every dog owner recognises the importance of their dog having physically strenuous exercise, not all dog owners realise the need for their dog to be challenged and mentally stimulated.  This applies particulary to ‘working’ dogs.  Breeds such as Labradors and […]

Jingles and Thomas hurdling while out walking

Coco wanting to go for a walk

Depressed Dogs Down in the Dumps!

According to the Daily Telegraph website, Animal Behaviourists are reporting an unprecedented number of depressed and unsettled dogs who are needing therapy. Whilst dog owners are happy to walk their dogs in the summer and even on cold and frosty days in winter, this year’s constant damp, rainy weather and […]