Depressed Dogs Down in the Dumps!

According to the Daily Telegraph website, Animal Behaviourists are reporting an unprecedented number of depressed and unsettled dogs who are needing therapy. Whilst dogCoco wanting to go for a walk owners are happy to walk their dogs in the summer and even on cold and frosty days in winter, this year’s constant damp, rainy weather and wet, muddy, underfoot conditions have driven dog owners to stay indoors.  Carolyn Menteith, a dog behaviourist who was named Britain’s Instructor of the Year in 2015, said: ‘I’ve been working with dogs for more than 20 years and I can’t remember a time when they’ve been this bored. I tend to see boredom in bursts but I’m seeing it chronically this winter. People are quite happy to get their dogs out in frosty, hard weather but not when it’s muddy and horrible’, she told the Independent. Adding, ‘We have over 200 breeds of dog in this country and an awful lot of them – especially family dogs like Labradors, retrievers and spaniels – were bred to do a job. So they are hard-wired to work and need a lot of exercise.’

Owners cutting back on the ‘walkies’, due to their understandable reluctance to head out in the rain and, wade through mud and puddles, is driving dogs ‘barking mad’.  Dogs are pack animals and if they’ve been left at home all day on their own and are then not taken out for a physically strenous and mentally stimulating walk in the evening, it’s no wonder one in four are suffering from depression.  Even the simple act of sniffing while out walking is highly stimulating to a dog, it’s their equivalent of us reading a book or watching the TV and gives them much needed mental exercise.

thomas-dirty-and-wetIf you are a dog owner in the Stevenage and Knebworth area who is understandably deterred from walking your dog due to this year’s awful, damp conditions, or is out at work all day but wants to make sure your dog is properly walked in a physically strenous and mentally stimulating environment regardless of the weather, then contact as they can help.

Packleaders‘ dog walkers go out in all weathers and will help lift your canine’s ‘black dog’ of depression.  Walks are approximately one hour in length and walking routes are varied.  If you’d like to know more and have all your questions answered,  book yourself a FREE in-home consultation with these dog-loving experienced Stevenage and Knebworth dog walkers who will take your much loved dog for a strenuous, stimulating walk regardless of the weather.

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