Insurance & DBS – Dog Walkers in Stevenage & Knebworth

Packleaders Dog Walkers in Stevenage & KnebworthDog Walking Insurance Cover and Police Checks for Packleaders – Professional Dog Walker Insurance


Comprehensive dog walker insurance has been taken out by Packleaders.  They understand that dog owners are trusting them with the care of their best friend and often giving them access to their home.  It is a responsibility they take very seriously.  Hence, putting professional dog walking insurance in place.  Packleaders – Dog Walkers in Stevenage & Knebworth have dog walker insurance covering public liability and other risks.  Please see below for full insurance policy details.  The dog walking insurance covers public liability to a maximum of £5,000,000 for any incident.  Due to a clause in the insurance contract, owners’ written premission is required before their dog can be walked off-lead

There is also a Care Custody and Control Extension covering liability to animals with an indemnity limit of £15,000 per incident.  As part of the insurance, there is a Pet Taxi European Cover for transporting dogs.  There is also a Loss of Keys Extension to cover call out charges and expenses.  This includes the cost of replacement locks should a homeowner’s keys be lost.   In addition, call out charges and expenses are covered should they make an error setting intruder alarms.  Hopefully, none of these issues will arise.  However, it is important to give owners peace of mind by having comprehensive professional dog walker insurance cover in place.

Police Checks: Featured below the Insurance Policy are copies of the relevant DBS (CRB) check certificates.