Are your Dog Walkers Trained to Save your Dog’s Life?

First Aid Courses for Professional Dog Walkers can Save Dogs’ Lives

Packleaders Dog Walkers who offer professional dog walking services in Stevenage and Knebworth were amazed how much they learned on their recent Pet First Aid Course.  Joint business owner, Brian Moore, said: ‘Spending 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon learning emergency first aid for pets may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it was immensely valuable for us.  Owners are paying us a massive compliment when they entrust their much-loved dogs to us, so taking the trouble to find out how to react to a range of medical emergencies is the least we can do.’

Classroom set up for Packleaders Pet First Aid Course

It might sound uninviting but don’t let the idea of a ‘snog with a dog’ put you off.   In fact, the CPR training for treating dogs is not ‘mouth to mouth’ resuscitation, it’s actually mouth to nose!  Hmmm… in truth, that sounds even less inviting.

Clients of DOGSAFEUK are taught how to respond to issues such as burns, stings, puncture wounds and choking.  It seems dogs are worse than young boys in their ability to inflict injuries upon themselves.  Accordingly, their owner or dog walker needs to know how to react to get the best possible outcome from each potentially dangerous situation.  Recognising signs of drowning, hypothermia, bloat or poisoning may, on occasions, help a dog survive.  Its chances of survival can then be significantly increased if a qualified first aider is in attendance and knows what to do and what not to do.  Brian & Lynn, co-owners of Packleaders professional dog walking services in Stevenage and Knebworth, felt the course would substantially increase their confidence and ability to deal with an incident.  ‘Performing CPR on a dummy dog will make me approach the real thing with far less trepidation than before should the situation arise’, said Lynn.   Adding, ‘Neither of us ever go out without the basic dog first aid kit in the vehicle but we now have the expertise to go with it.’

packleaders preforming cpr on adog

Some of the key points these professional dog walker took from the course are as follows:


  • Approach the dog from behind and to the side talking to the dog in a soothing tone.
  • Use a temporary muzzle when first examining the dog.  Distressed and injured dogs who are in pain can lash out.
  • If possible, lie dogs on their right when performing CPR.  A dog’s heart is on the left and doing compressions is difficult on the wrong side.
  • Do two rescue breaths for every thirty compressions.
  • Dogs suffering from excess heat or excess cold should have their temperature restored to normal gradually.
  • A blockage will clear more easily  in dogs that are choking if you can raise their rear end above the height of the head.

Any dog owner in the Stevenage or Knebworth area wanting the additional reassurance of a first aid trained dog walker should please contact us for a FREE in-home consultation.  Anyone interested in doing a Canine First Aid Course is welcome to contact DOGSAFEUK via their website.

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