Dog Walking a British Bulldog and West Highland White Terrier Together in Great Ashby Park Stevenage

Packleaders – Dog Walkers in Stevenage & Knebworth took a seven month old British Bulldog called Stanley out for his first walk with them at the weekend. Despite looking like a Grandpa, Stanley is still very puppyish and wants to investigate everything. When a British Bulldog puts the brakes on to sniff something, you might as well wait patiently until they are done unless you fancy towing what feels like a double-decker bus.  Next time we walk Stanley, we are definitely bringing along our ramp to help him into the back of the Range Rover.  It was like lifting a bag of wet cement!

Dog walkers with Bulldog and Westie in Stevenage

In addition, Packleaders took along another dog walking client, Alby, a West Highland White terrier who is also seven months old. Both breeds are ardent, self-assured and somewhat intense but once the initial excitement was over, they both settled into normal dog behaviour sniffing and marking their way round the park. Even though the weather was rough, their sheer enthusiasm for being out exploring is utterly infectious and ensured a great time was had by all.  A few short videos below celebrating their sheer joy in just being dogs!


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