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DogFest Hertfordshire with Packleaders - Professional Dog Walkers in Stevenage

DogFest Hertfordshire 7th. & 8th. July 2018

If you haven’t already got them, now’s time to buy your tickets for DogFest Hertfordshire which is taking place in Knebworth Park on 7th. and 8th. July, this year.  Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick, and the team are coming to Stevenage for Hertfordshire’s biggest ‘Doggie Day’ of the year!  Take the kids for a Q&A session with Noel in Noel’s Ark at 1pm.  Before then, Noel’s Ark will host the Hounds Hangout featuring some of Instagram’s most famous dogs (11.45am-12.15pm).  Meet Monty, the mini-dachshund; Rolo, the Cocker Spaniel; Tilly the Poodle and Bernie & Ned from Hampshire Hotdogs.  After Noel’s Q&A for kids, the Ark will feature the amazing Lucy Heath and Trip Hazard finalists in Britain’s Got Talent 2016.

If you have a recalcitrant canine who isn’t responding to training, head to the ‘School for Dogs’ and take part in the ‘have-a-go’ classes.  Even the most disobedient dog can become teacher’s pet!!!  Equally, if you have a highly intelligent dog that learn’s quickly, get it in the ring for Lucy Heath & Trip Hazard’s ‘Trick Training’ workshop.


Unmissable Events at Hertfordshire DogFest

In addition to all the ‘Have a Go‘ activities such as the Hay Bale Race, Agility, Dog Diving, Fun Dog Show, Flyball and Temptation Alley; the Dog Activity Ring will feature the Conquest K9 Dog Display team and the ShadowQuest Dog Display Team – Look out for abseiling dogs and dogs zip wiring across the arena…!!!

If your dog needs to practice their social skills, take part in the Great Dog Walk at 3pm alongside hundreds of other dogs – don’t forget your poo bags…!  Other unmissable highlights include; Dogs with Jobs, featuring ‘Search Dogs Buckinghamshire’ who are trained to track human scent, ‘Medical Detection Dogs’ who can detect the odour of life-threatening conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s and malaria, and the Essex Fire Brigade Dogs who can scent out human casualties who are trapped in fires, or buried in rubble after buildings collapse.

Don’t miss the huge and impressive Shopping Village with over 150 shops, enough to satisfy even the most dedicated shopaholic!  Once all this activity has worked up a healthy appetite for you and your dog, visit Butcher’s Nourishing Food for Dogs for your canine friend, and the stunning, upmarket Food Village, offering an outstanding selection of food and drink, for the humans.  The Food Village features Bowlands Pork, the Wrap Shack, the Market Grill, Surrey Ices, Viva la Toastie, Woodies Rustic Pizza, the Cornish Pasty Company, Carvery Grill, Queen’s Bank Farm and many, many more, plus the Coffee Bean Co, Deco Noir’s sophisticated mobile bar and Mama’s Gin.

Get your tickets to this unmissable event directly from the DogFest website ticket page.



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