Skills & Experience – Dog Walkers Stevenage & Knebworth

Packleaders are hugely experienced dog owners and dog walkers in Stevenage and Knebworth

Lifelong dog lovers, Jane & Martin Johnson, are hugely experienced dog walkers in Stevenage & Knebworth.  They can cope capably with every kind of dog, from impossibly cute Shih Tzus to large, boisterous Dalmations. Both had dogs and dog walking duties throughout childhood, plus a variety of dogs during their married life. As a result, numerous friends and family ask them to look after their dogs when they are away on holiday.  This means often having to walk three, four or more dogs at once.

These experiences clearly demonstrated the benefits dogs receive from being walked in a group. For dogs, a group walk is more mentally stimulating, more physically rewarding and more socially satisfying. It is self-evident to Jane & Martin that dogs are more relaxed, more sociable and better behaved after group walks than when walked solo. However, when dogs are part of a group, they do need guidance to curb occasionally over-enthusiastic behaviour.  Hence, the requirement for a dog-loving ‘packleader’ with a good understanding of dogs.

Fit, strong, capable and resourceful Jane & Martin, have the physical and mental attributes to ensure your dog is properly exercised.  In addition, they have the knowledge and experience of dogs to diligently care for them. Applying their decades of experience, ensures each dogs in their care gets the maximum possible benefit from the group walking experience. Group walks are more enjoyable and satisfying for dogs when allowed off-lead. However, insurance requirements mean the written permission of the dog owner is required before a dog can be exercised that way.  It is not a problem, however, if an owner prefers their dog to be walked on-lead.

Jane & Martin will care for your much-loved dog as if it is their own, ensuring it is integrated into the group and feels as if it belongs. Featured below are just some of the wonderful dogs it has been our pleasure to care for and walk. We would love to add your dog to our ‘pack’, even if only ‘temporarily’ for an hour or so each day. Book a FREE in-home consultation by contacting us now!