FREE Consultation with Dog Walkers in Stevenage & Knebworth

Packleaders - Dog Walkers in Stevenage & Knebworth, are happy to offer a FREE in-home consultation to all dog owners

Packleaders offer a FREE consultation in your own home for all their potential dog walking clients in the Stevenage and Knebworth area.  This gives owners the opportunity to meet us, see how your dog reacts to us and ask any questions you may have.  It also gives us the chance to meet you and your dog, deal with any issues that may arise and go through the details carefully to ensure we can provide the best possible service when dog walking your 'best friend'.  We have a detailed guide which we go through with each potential client to ensure we have the best possible knowledge of your dog and to ensure we answer each and every question you may have.   We will happily and honestly address any concerns you may have and a brief summary of the guide's main points are detailed below:

What can we do for you and your dog?

Your dog can be walked on-lead or off-lead.  Off-lead is much more pleasurable and satisfying for the dog but our professional dog walkers insurance requires us to obtain written permission before we can exercise your dog off-lead.

Your dog will be walked on a variety of different routes, not the same route each day.

Your dog will be fitted with a Packleaders identity tag engraved with our contact details when walked by us.

Your dog will be towelled dry if wet or dirty after a walk.

Your dog's water bowl will be refreshed after the walk.

Your dog can be given a post-walk treat if you require.

Post-walk, your dog can be confined to a particular area of the house if required.

We will let you know each day that your dog has been walked.

How can you help us ensure we do the best for your dog?

Fill out the comprehensive questionnaire we provide, to help us give your dog the best possible care and exercise.

Advise us whether your dog is sociable with other dogs.

Advise us if your dog walks well on the lead.

Advise us whether your dog should be crated for transport.

Advise us whether you require your dog walked off-lead or on-lead.

Advise us of any behavioural issues your dog has or issues to which you wish us to pay attention when exercising your dog.

Advise us of any health issues your dog may have.

Advise us of any dietary restrictions your dog may have.

Ensure your dog is on a tick and flea prevention programme.

Ensure your dog is vaccinated and vaccinations are kept up to date.

Ensure your dog is micro-chipped and wears a collar with a tag containing your contact details.

We will need contact details of your veterinary practice.

We will need your contact details just in case a problem should arise.

We will need to agree how access is granted to the house so we can collect and return your dog safely.

Please 'Contact Us' to arrange your FREE Consultation in-home at a time convenient to you.