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Dog tick that carries the parasite Babesiosis

EU Rules Cause Preventable Dog Deaths in the UK

Preventative Checks Dropped in January 2012 Dog owners are being urged to regularly check their pets for ticks and to keep tick treatments up to date by Packleaders, a professional dog walking service in Stevenage and Knebworth. ‘Four dogs in nearby Harlow have been infected by ticks, one tragically dying, […]

healthy dog treats a bunch of carrots

Chicken Jerky Treats Killing Dogs???

Chicken jerky treats are being blamed for killing dogs, as Trading Standards Officers and vets investigate dog deaths, according to today’s Sunday Times. The Animal Health Trust is warning owners to restrict the amount of imported jerky treats they feed their dogs as a result of dog owners reporting kidney […]

Gunner off lead dog walking at the beach

Which is Best for Dogs, Off-lead or On-Lead?

Dog Walking Off-Lead is Healthier for Dogs. An increasing number of local authorities are bringing in restrictions on dogs being walked off-lead in public parks or on beaches. Leaving aside the unfortunate propensity of councils to over-react to incidents and introduce ‘knee-jerk’ legislation, a lot of the blame can be […]