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Dog Walk Videos - Packleaders, Professional Dog Walkers in Stevenage

Dogs Walked by Packleaders - Professional Dog Walkers in Stevenage

Please enjoy this selection of videos featuring dogs that Packleaders, professional dog walkers in Stevenage, currently walk, or have walked in the past.   Packleaders walk every conceivable breed of dog including large and powerful dogs such as British Bulldogs, Staffordshire Terriers, Dalmations and Pointers, through the full range of intermediate-size dogs such as Cocker Spaniels and Cockerpoos, down to smaller breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers, Jack Russells, Miniature Schnauzers and French Bulldogs. 

Being professional dog walkers, Packleaders use a variety of dog walking routes around the Stevenage area, so the dogs do not get bored.  When the weather is particularly bad for an extended period and the underfoot conditions become too wet and muddy, Packleaders make use of the excellent parks around Stevenage including Fairlands Valley, Chells, Shepalbury and Great Ashby.  During heavy rainfall, the well-preserved woods around Stevenage make great dog walking locations, as do Mardley Heath and Home Wood near Knebworth.  However, in better weather, Packleaders take advantage of the numerous, superb public footpath routes that surround Stevenage.  Dogs love the countryside routes between Great Ashby and Walkern, the wonderful walks around Forster County, and the superb paths between the A1M and the Codicote to Hitchin Road.  Many of the summer walking routes have shaded areas, and even ponds or streams, for the dogs to take a break and cool off.  Packleaders' dog walking clients love the fact that their dogs are often out for two hours or more by the time a group is picked up, dog walked for an hour, and then returned home.

Many of the dogs came to Packleaders, professional dog walkers in Stevenage, not only for good, healthy, exercise each day, but also to have their social skills improved.  The videos show how quickly the dogs become friends and how much more satisfying the walks in a group are for expending physical energy and for stimulating their minds, compared to being at home all day awaiting their owner's return.

Tilly (Jack Russell), Saoirse (Irish Red Setter), Pippa (Yorkshire Terrier), Dottie (Patterdale Terrier) & Frankie (Frenchie/Boston Terrier mix).

Thor & Loki (Eurasians) playing with Mason (Golden Retriever) while dog walking with Pippa (Yorkie) and Fergie & Lulu (Cockerpoos).

After 3 weeks away, Tilly is back and brimful of energy.  Also featured are Frankie, Saoirse, Dottie & Pippa trying to keep up.

Jago & Saoirse chasing each other while hounded by the very noisy Pippa & Poppy.  Dora (the Explorer) remains aloof.

Professional dog walkers, Packleaders, walking five dogs in the beautiful countryside walks that surround Stevenage.

Packleaders, professional dog walkers in Stevenage out with Barney, Saoirse, Alby, Poppy & Dougie on a wet, muddy day!

Bouncy Cockerpoos Lulu & Fergie out with Reggie and Aida, the Cocker Spaniels and Brinkley, a lively Cockerdor.

Stanley, an adorable British Bulldog and Benny, an intense Cocker Spaniel, enjoying a 'test your strength' wrestle.

Amba (Labradoodle), Mason (Golden Retriever), Brinkley (Cockerdor), Buddy (Jackapoo) & Fergie (Cockerpoo) at the stream.

Pip & Dylan (Cockerpoos) chasing Buddy, a Jackapoo while out walking with Packleaders. The chase is set to the Benny Hill theme tune.

Fergie (Cockerpoo) bonding with Buddy (Jackapoo) while out walking with Reggie and Aida, two Cocker Spaniels.

Rescue dog Max on his last walk with Packleaders - professional dog walkers in Stevenage - before going to his forever home.