Testimonials for Dog Walkers in Stevenage & Knebworth

Impeccable references for Packleaders - Dog Walkers in Stevenage & Knebworth

Brian & Lynn have legendary status in our family. We had a beautiful labrador (Rene) who we were close to re-homing as we simply couldn't give him the time & exercise he needed. Enter Brian & Lynn who walked & exercised Rene (& later Frankie, our King Charles spaniel) whenever we needed them to. Nothing was ever too much trouble & we managed to keep Rene for another 6 years until he sadly passed. Regular walks, stopovers & holiday stays for the dogs became common for them. Even though we moved house, years later both Rene & Frankie would run to them to welcome long lost friends. Can't thank & recommend them enough. The comfort in knowing that the dogs were cared for as part of their family is hard to articulate. Jez, Sacha & Family



I am very happy to recommend Packleaders dog walking service. Brian and Lynn are great with my Cockerpoo dog and have become an invaluable part of her care since she was a puppy. They are both real dog lovers, with years of experience of different breeds and dog personalities. They have helped with particular training needs and they also helped sort out a specific behavioural problem.

They are completely reliable and go about everything in a professional but friendly way. They change their walk routes frequently so my dog always comes back tired but very happy and relaxed, because she has had such a lot of fun. My dog loves them - they are Uncle Brian and Aunty Lynn to her!
Thank you Packleaders for all your help!
Adrienne, Knebworth

Brian and Lynn bonded with our two very lively and adventurous dogs straight away. They walked them every day and had no problems controlling the dogs and getting them to return to them when they went on their little adventures in the woods.

I would definitely recommend them as dog walkers and trust them with keys to my house. Jane & Geoff



Brian and Lynn have walked my cocker spaniel Coco for many years when I’ve had family days out, visiting family in Norfolk or last minute work commitments. From the moment they saw Coco there was an immediate bond, she gets so excited when she sees them both and must know she’s in for a fun time and a long walk! Brian and Lynn are such a warm friendly couple who have a passion and understanding for a dogs’ needs and happiness.

Their professional approach is paramount which means you know that your dog is in safe hands, I would highly recommend them to all dog owners as caring, gentle and compassionate animal lovers. I totally trust them with ownership of my house key and they are so reliable, I have no worries they may not turn up. Mandy

My dog, Sunny, loves being walked. He is a high energy dog who takes plenty of exercising but he is always calmer and more relaxed when he returns home from his walks. Brian & Lynn have a great relationship with Sunny who is always thrilled to see them.

Completely honest and totally reliable, I am more than happy to give Brian & Lynn my highest possible recommendation as dog walkers. They are a fabulous couple and you will not regret entrusting your dog to the care of Packleaders who will ensure your dog is well exercised and also well looked after while it is out on its walks. Boris



Brian and Lynn have looked after our gorgeous but extremely boisterous Dalmatian, Arlo, on two occasions – firstly for three weeks last summer, and more recently for ten days prior to Christmas. Both times their care truly exceeded our expectations.

Like all Dalmatians, Arlo is an extremely high-energy dog and as he is still young, he requires firm, calm handling and training. Brian and Lynn have clear expertise and experience with big, strong dogs; they walked him at least twice a day for well over an hour each time, taking him to run at the beach, our local nature reserve, and further afield.

Arlo is a dog that really loves his humans, and from the welcome he gave Brian and Lynn second time around, it was clear he had truly bonded with them both. They are reliable, caring and professional, and we cannot recommend their dog walking business highly enough. Emma

Brian and Lynn cared for our two working cocker dogs while we were away in November for a fortnight, and again when we were away for a month in January. On both occasions, the dogs were brilliantly cared for, even getting a bath with flea shampoo after they managed to collect some fleas from somewhere, and also being given flea prevention. We received regular pictures, and the occasional video, of them being walked on the beach or up in the Downs, and they were extremely fit and very happy dogs when we returned. The welcome that they gave to Brian and Lynn when they came back for the second time was testament to the adoration that the dogs have for them.

Brian and Lynn are utterly reliable, honest and hard-working, and we would not hesitate to recommend them very highly indeed as dog walkers. Jenny



We’ve always been able to rely on Brian and Lynn to take care of our dogs when we’ve been away or had to work. Over the years they have become like family to our pets; our wilful border collie/springer spaniel cross, Pepi, our highly strung belgian shepherd, Vixie and our pair of cocker spaniel brothers, Flash and Bailey.

As somewhat inexperienced, first time, dog owners, Pepi was a handful but he always seemed to come back from a visit with Brian and Lynn, a little bit more disciplined and somewhat more civilised.

Vixie was a bit skittish when we first got her, and even though she was only 6 months old, we were her fourth home and she certainly had issues. She was very nervous and could be aggressive with other dogs. Brian seemed to have a positive effect on Vixie’s behaviour from the word go; his almost Alpha presence really appeared to give her extra confidence and after a few instructive walks with him and a number of other dogs, she was a different dog, she was behaving socially, even playing with other dogs and really enjoying her walks for the first time. A typical shepherd, Vixie was a one-woman dog but there’s no doubt that Brian and Lynn came a very close second on her list of favourite humans!

Three years ago we lost our dear Vixie and two hooligan, cocker spaniel, brothers, Flash and Bailey, joined our family. We’d been told that cocker spaniels need a firm hand from the start and as Brian and Lynn have owned a golden cocker and have so much experience with all different sizes and breeds of dogs, we inevitably turned to them for guidance!

We’ve found that, typical spaniels, Flash and Bailey need lots of variety in their walks, in order to get the right stimulus and level of exercise that helps prevent destructive and mischievous behaviour at home. After walks with Brian and Lynn, the boys are very content and happy to doze in their beds.

We feel really lucky to have Brian and Lynn to rely on; it gives us real peace of mind to know that they are being well cared for and are in expert hands!

Joanne, Keith & Maddie